Conference Sub-Themes
1. Technology, innovation and creativity in rural development
2. Rural poverty eradication and reaching the rural poor
3. Quality of life and social capitals of rural households
4. Entrepreneur education and skills attainment
5. Entrepreneurship as an economic development vehicle of rural communities
6. Environmental and tourism sustainability of rural areas
7. The rural way of life and quest for development
8. Impact of ICT development on rural communities
9. Microfinancing and small-and-medium enterprises
10. Digital economy and digital finance on rural areas
11. Application of digital technologies in rural areas
12. Planning and design of digital villages
13. International Comparisons of Rural Development Policies
14. Other related topics

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Publication Opportunities
Papers submitted to this conference have the opportunity to be published in the following journals (subject to peer review):
  • Journal of Economics and Sustainability (Indexed by MyCite.
  • International Journal of Banking and Finance (Indexed by MyCite)
  • Global Business Management Review (Indexed by MyCite)
  • Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies (Indexed by Scopus)
  • International Journal of Economics and Management (Indexed by Scopus)